Soap is to the body what laugh is to the soul…

Soap factory. Magnificent soap factory. Established by sisters Ania and Ula. With all soaps made in a traditional, time consuming way. Every bar with a high content of glycerin and thick, creamy foam. Hard, yet delicate. Simply good, natural soaps. In Fine Soap Ministry you will find a great selection of fragrances and uses, e.g. soaps with rosemary, spelt, pineapple or natural coal, which has antibacterial and cleansing properties. Did you know about that? Apart from soaps you can also choose oils, ideal for you daily skin care routine – made with raspberries, plums, coconut or prickly pear. How about a plum scrub with its divine fragrance? Or something brand new – shea lotion which can be mixed with an essential oil. Fine Soap Ministry also has vegan products, so there is something for everyone here.

What a treat for your skin and for yourself! Natural and truly local beauty products. In our bathrooms there is no space for soaps not from the Fine Soap Ministry. Will you join us? 🙂

Ministerstwo Dobrego Mydła

ul. Dzielna 15

Pon – Pt: 10h – 19h, Sob – Nd: 9h – 15h