Inspiring Warsaw Woman- Ania Nowak’s vel Cooka #Top 3

Get to know the Top 3 of Ania Nowak, whom you most certainly know as Ania is an ideal example of a young mother and an accomplished woman who is a trend-setter in the world of cooking as well as the world of fashion. She is a perfect Warsaw mom, full of positive energy 🙂

Especially for you Ania revealed her favorite places in Warsaw:

  1. Coffee only in Kawiarnia Relaks – and always either a cappuccino or a double espresso complemented by cold water with two slices of lemon – refreshing and helps to prevent a “spare tire” 😉
  2. A hairdresser you can trust with your colouring needs – Eko Coco Spa. Ania tells us that here you will always receive practical advice on how to look after your hair at home 😉
  3. Manicure nowhere else but in Fit&Beauty in Wola. They have an exceptional selection of colourful hybrid gels.

Did you get a chance to feel like Ania at least a little bit? 🙂