Picnic a la varsovienne

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A picnic Warsaw style

Summer is in full swing now. Looking out the window from behind our office desk we dream about a picnic in the sun. Problem is we hardly have time to prepare a lavish picnic basket for everyone. Well, we have just found a way with help from Batida – the exact one which has been on Warsaw’s food map for a long time.

Batida is not only a café or patisserie, it is also a food boutique with the tastiest solution to all of our sweet or savory needs, to complete our open-air meal 🙂 Batida’s offer includes tasty snacks and delicacies. It uses traditional recipes to create a base for combining innovative and light flavours. Ideal for moments of outdoor laziness. Batida will also adjust their picnic menu to meet your specific summer preferences. The basket will be exactly like one you would have prepared on your own 🙂

We cannot imagine our picnic without mille feuille with salmon. Yes, we made no mistake. Mille feuille, a famous French pastry, but prepared without sugar. It is divine! Add some beautiful hummus, savory profiteroles or lemon tart for dessert! Hmm… we let our thoughts drift away and all we want now is to visit one of Batida’s boutiques and fill up our picnic basket yet again. There is no point wasting time in your kitchen, when it is so beautiful outside and especially when someone else can put together your picnic menu, right to your taste.

No more excuses about how much work it takes to organise a picnic. Let’s prepare a big basket of goodies with Batida, invite our friends and enjoy ourselves out on the green grass 🙂

Batida La Boutique 
Plac Konstytucji –
ul. Marszałkowska 53

Krakowskie Przedmieście – ul. Królewska 2

Tarchomin – ul. Odkryta 4

Ursynów – ul. Pasaż Ursynowski 17

Wilanów – ul. Klimczaka 2

Wola – ul. Przy Lasku 2

Powiśle – ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 45

Konstancin Jeziorna- aleja wojska polskiego 3/ Stara Papierniabatida2

Pn-Sob 9h-20h

Nd 9h-18h

FB: Batida