Joy in me-yoga time!


Have you been looking for a perfect yoga mat for quite a long time? Do you care about the quality of your exercise equipment? We have something just for you. JOY in me – a new fantastic yoga brand, is an answer to your needs. What you can find here are yoga mats made from natural rubber or super absorbent microfiber. All JOY in me yoga mats can be recycled, because they do not contain latex or silicone. The brand was created by friends – Jagoda and Paulina – who share a great passion for yoga.

JOY in me eco mats are beautiful, inspired by nature and its designs – from the flickers of light on the water surface, to the shape of leaves or star constellations.

Practicing yoga is about your inner journey and your connection with the world that surrounds you. You can’t always practice in Bali’s rice fields but having a JOY in me mat will make you feel as if you were actually there. It will help you listen to yourself on a different level and live through every moment with great awareness.  

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JOY in me

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