Creamy- compose your own cream

It’s not news to you that you can create your own perfume. But now it’s time for making your own skin care products. With help from two female founders, Zofia and Barbara as well as experts in Creamy, you will put together a moisturizer, a night cream, a serum, a scrub or a facial cleansing oil that will perfectly meet all of your needs. Creamy experts will make sure that each of your care products and their natural ingredients are 100% effective and meet your expectations. Some products contain oil, others floral water. In this small boutique in Chmielna Street you will be surrounded by exotic, natural ingredients – oils, hydrolats, plant extracts, essential oils and the exceptional moringa oil. In Creamy you can decide whether you want to get one cream, or a range of products for your body, face and hair.

You know your skin and its needs best. By participating in the making of your daily beauty care products, you will be fully aware of their contents.  It is so important to know that your cream is fresh and does not contain unnecessary chemicals. After all, we only have one skin and we should be conscious of taking care of it. Creamy is here to help you with that 😉   

Creamy – Creative cosmetics

ul. Chmielna 6

Pon – Pt 11h-19h,

Sob 11h – 15h