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There is a restaurant in Warsaw, where tables become real meeting places. It has an intriguing name. It is called “No title”, in Polish “Bez Tytułu”. Its industrial design coupled with a casual presence of art make you feel like you were in a chic restaurant in Paris. To top it all, the chef is actually French, however his menu bears no distinctive nationality. A pure improvisation of flavours. A surprising mix of local produce with spices from the other side of the world. The starters menu alone will turn a dinner with friends or a partner into a real culinary feast, as well as a chance to share and experience the meal together. You are eating food made by a French chef, after all 😉 Good quality food matters in Bez Tytułu. And because it is delicious, customers spend more time here. They may stay yet another while longer than usual, trying Bez Tytułu’s versions of classical cocktails, in a special bar section. What an ideal ending to your meal 🙂

When ordering your first drink, remember to mention Varsovie&Me and the second drink will be free. This special offer is available to Varsovie&Me readers until the end of November 2016!

Bez Tytułu

Poznańska 16 st

Tue – Thu: 12h – 22h;

Fr – Sat: 12h – 23h

Sun: 10h – 18h

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