Astanga Yoga Studio

This place is different to many yoga studios. It is a space with an incredible energy, right in the heart of Warsaw. Astanga Yoga Studio has been in operation for the last 8 years. It is a haven of relaxation, of being here and now, of practicing self-awareness. Teaching the understanding of yoga and ensuring the development of those who practice it is a priority here. You do not need to have a lot of previous yoga experience. Each of you can develop yoga skills and practice at your own pace. Astanga Yoga Studio offers introductory and beginner courses. They also do acro-yoga where you can exercise with a partner, as well as stretch classes and mindfulness workshops. You can read about the yogi’s path on Astanga website, to learn and understand what yoga is about. You can also take part in special workshops with experienced yoga practitioners.

Both before and after classes Astanga Yoga Studio makes sure you wind down and regain necessary peace. In a private relaxation zone you can enjoy being alone, unwind, have a drink of a healthy juice or read while waiting for your massage. It is really worth it to stop for a while and calm the mind in such a comforting place, to find yourselves and savour the moment of being in the now.  You will experience this amazing energy in Astanga Yoga Studio, and thanks to ashtanga which is the strength of this place.

Astanga Yoga Studio

ul. Galczynskiego 4, Warszawa

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